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I am an artist, iDeaman, part-time genius and developer of art-based projects.


"Art is justified, as man is justified, by the faculty of forming ideas…"
- Kenneth Clark

"Artistic imagination can be more nearly described as the finding of new form for old content, or--if the handy dichotomy of form and content is eschewed--as a fresh conception of an old subject. The invention of new things or situations is valuable only to the extent that they serve to interpret an old--that is, universal--topic of human experience."
- Rudolf Arnheim

My ambition as an artist is to find fresh, new ways to interpret old, universal topics of human experience. With that goal in mind, my artistic journey has been anything but typical. I have consciously eschewed going to art college. Instead, I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Planning (2005) and a Master of Architecture (2009) degrees from the University of Washington.. All the while I've been studying the history of art, philosophy, and literature. And all the while I've been expanding my creativity by exploring art-based projects that do not fall under the fine art category.

It is while attending architecture school that I started my Construction Series.

The Construction Series is a group of sculptures that explores the expressive potential of form, space and structure by using architectural model-making techniques and materials as the medium for fine art. The Construction Series consists of wall sculptures and of freestanding sculptures.

The sculptures are created largely from sheets and sticks of basswood of various sizes. I choose to use basswood for a number of reasons, some practical, some aesthetic. Basswood is available in a wide range of pre-made sizes and it is very easy to work with. Basswood is a light colored wood which is almost skin-like in tone. Shadows stand out clearly in beautiful gradations on the wood. The many orifices, clefts, and slits in the sculptures are beautifully defined by shadows.

The pieces in the series range from geometric, non-objective abstractions, constructive minimalism, and landscape and figural abstractions.

Currently I am making preparations for a new group of sculptures that will expand the potential of this sculptural technique. This group will be a series of nudes and it will consist of both freestanding sculptures and wall sculptures. I am calling this new group of sculptures Architecture of the Nude, The Construction Series Undressed.

I have been doing art since about the age of 13. On rare occasions, I exhibit it.


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